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Casa Balla visits extended

CASA BALLA, Via Oslavia, Camera di Elica, Photo M3Studio Courtesy Fondazione MAXXI

There are still a few months left to visit Casa Balla, as part of the curatorial project "Casa Balla. From the house to the universe and back" curated by Bartolomeo Pietromarchi, Director of MAXXI Arte, and Domitilla Dardi, curator of MAXXI Design. Having been the artist's residence from 1929 to 1958, the year of his death, and having closed its doors in the 1990s, Casa Balla has been reorganised thanks to the painstaking work of MAXXI in dialogue with Rome's Special Superintendency and Balla's heirs. Opened last summer, on the occasion of the exhibition at MAXXI presenting contemporary artists in synergy with Futurist works, Casa Balla has decided to extend its opening until 31 December 2022, making the vibrant Futurist universe public of one of the most interesting figures of Italian Futurism.

Information and tickets:


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