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Turin Art Week returns among great classic and absolute news

Not only Artissima and Paratissima, but also Flashback and Diffusissima, as well as a series of other fairs, exhibitions, shows, events and performance. The duo of the iconic suffix "issima" will not be the only offer that will animate Turin from November 3 to 5: the program of the Turin Art Week 2023 is always full of appointments and novelties. An occasion designed to be attractive not only to operators but also to enthusiast and curios. Turin Art Week 2023 starts the first week of November with a huge calendar of events that will fill the city with artworks from many different Nations and periods, investigating the major themes and questions posed by contemporary art of our time. In order not to miss the highlights, we offer you our agenda: a practical guide to the events of Turin Art Week 2023.

The Turin Art Week calendar

Opening the dances will be Artissima, from Friday, November 3 to Sunday, November 5, 2023 the wide and bright spaces of Turin's Oval will host the fair's four main sections - Main Section, New Entries, Monologue/Dialogue and Art Spaces & Editions, with the addition of a Drawing, Present Future and Back to the Future space dedicate to the father of all artistic genres: drawing. The theme chosen for this edition, inspired by the recent essay by the Brazilian anthropologist Renzo Taddei, is Relation of Care: an interpretation of the relationships of care as a means of trasmission and production of knowledge. It will be curated by Saim Demircan and Mauri Dietrich, director of Kunstverain München, for Present Future, which interprets the theme of care with emphasis on "the tactile sensibility that characterizes numerous artistic practices". This year the fair boasts the participation of 181 Italian and international galleries, 68 of which are engaged in monographic projects. Artissima will continue to engage online: hosting previews and insights into the works exhibited by participating galleries on the official website. In addition, the online catalogue will join the four established sections from the of October, while from November 2, the digital platform Artissima Voice Over will support the three curated sections.

Artissima - Torino Art Week 2023
Artissima - Turin Art Week 2023

Now in its 30th year and directed for the second time by Luigi Fassi, the event will host 39 galleries alongside the hightest-profile names on the international and national contemporary art scene, adding to the range of exhibitors at the fair from four continents and 33 countries, including: Brazil, Canada, Colombia, South Korea, Cuba, Hong Kong, Israel, South Africa, Thailand, Uruguay and Zimbabwe. The rich program will spill outside in the city center with three exhibitions projects: The Human Condition at Galleria d'Italia, a video exhibition curated by Massimo Minini Perchè non Lilloni?, dedicate to the work of Umberto Lilloni, for the fourth consecutive year with the support of the Hotel Principe of Piemonte.

The second component of the "issima" duo follows with Paratissima Eye Contact, an edition focused on the theme of gazes: shy and delicated or brazen and provocative, in which intentions, desires or perplexities are concealed. The fair focused on art in its visual form, capable of freeing itself from the need to create a written dialogue, bulding with the gaze of the viewers a silent and intimate relationship, secret but complicit. The viewer, who becomes as important as the artist, is part of a duet involving the work and the public.

This year will be the last for Paratissima as host of the historic Cavallerizza Reale spaces. From November 1 to 5, Paratissima invites the public to get in touch with ten sections, more than 400 artist, performances, live events, Dj sets, children's workshop and more. Paratissima Eye Contact presents three Main Projects: Sticky Eyes by Arthur Duff and Breathing Room by Beyond, as part pf the Spazio alle ARTI program, both curated by Laura Tota and Francesca Canfora and, last but not least, Air by IDEM Studio, curated by Fabio Vito Lacertosa and Francesca Canfora.

Paratissima - Torino Art Week 2023
Paratissima - Turin Art Week 2023

Projects accompanied by the exhibitions You belongs. Stories of Identity, curated by Irene Fontana, a visual investigation of the human and emotional connection to a place, an affection and a community, determining factors in the constructions of social and cultural identitiy. Followed by Stand by. Il tempo dell'attesa, curated by Gaia Ferrini, focused on productivity, which is an obsession that drives society to lose precious life time, and on the waiting that forces human beings to come to terms with themselves in the present. As always, the event will also give space to emerging curators and artists ready to share their projects with the public in the Nice & Fair / Contemporary Vision section. Six exhibitions that will offer an excursus on fresh and unexpected proposals, both from an artistic and curatorial point of view. Each group show will be the outcome of a confrontations between beginning curators and young artist, to provide space for novelty and discover new talents.

Immediately followed by Flashback, the fair where art is all contemporary will take place from Nov. 2 to 5, 2023 at Corso Giovanni Lanza 75, home of Flashback Habitat, Ecosystem for Contemporary Cultures, the 20,000 square-meters independent art center near to the center of Turin. Flashback Art Fair 2023, will be a place where galleries focus their gaze on art itself as activator of meta-memory, investigating the powerful and vital relevance of the artistic aspect in the daily routine. Different forms, media, between painting and sculpture will confront each other through time. From the 16th-century works of Badile to the 18th-century Tiepolo to the 19th-century Hayez with a particular focus on the 20th-century through the works by Balla, De Chirico, Medardo Rosso, Savinio and Sironi.

"This edition of the fair is very important because it makes our work even more explicit. With the birth of Habitat, the fair is unequivocally part of a broader programme dedicated to art and life. Flashback works as an activator, our aim is to revitalise the existing, be it works, places or people. Old, unpublished, neglected works, people on the margins, physical and mental peripheries, forgotten places" (Ginevra Pucci, Stefania Poddighe and Alessandro Bulgini in charge of Flashback Art Fair)

Flashback Art Fair is an event dedicated to art of all times that sees culture and market linked in a single equation, aimed at educating critical sense. It's an event create to offer a different prospective on art history and the history of our days that, renewing itself year by year, brings different time zones together: the ancient, the modern ant the contemporary.

Sede Flashback Torino
Sede Flashback Turin

Among the proposals not to be missed is The Others Art Fair, an experimental art fair presenting the most innovative national and international artistic expressions. The artistic direction assigned to a team of young curators guarantees an appealing, sophisticated and unconventional cultural proposal. We are talking about a true "Factory" of small emerging realities to better interpret the languages and decipher the codes of the artistic expressions of the new generations, proposing an avant-garde observatory on the global community of creatives. Artists and galleries completely outside the box will wait you from 2 to 5 November in the spaces of Pavilion 3 of Torino Esposizione. The Other Art Fair, now in its twelfth edition, will also host talks, presentations and exhibitions dedicated to art in all its forms, with a programme of two events a week spread throughout the city, from 12 to 31 October, thanks to the collaboration established with seven non-profit spaces: Otto Finestre, Muta Torino, Nisba Studio, ArtPhotò, Associazione Bastione, IDEM Studio and Il Cerchio e le Gocce.

The Others Art Fair - Turin Art Week 2023
The Others Art Fair - Turin Art Week 2023

Diffusissima also makes its return! The second edition of the event fits perfectly into the Turin art scene by offering a fresh and irreverent alternative to the best-known initiatives. The "fuorisalone" will be held for the second year in a row during art week, with the aim of bringing the contemporary into the city spaces, involving people in art-related but not-traditional events and transforming the enjoyment of the artwork into popular moment. Outside the traditional circuits, for two weeks, 200 emerging artists will move and exhibit their works in more than 100 commercial activities that will be present on the new map of Turin's "fuorisalone". Viewers will be able to immersive themselves in a guide to the discovery of urban art.

ARTISSIMA Friday, November 3 to Sunda, November 5, 2023 T. +39 011 197 441 06

PARATISSIMA Wednesday, November 1 to Sunday, November 5 T. 011 0162002

FLASHBACK Thursday, November 2 to Sunday, November 5, 2023

T. +39 393 64 55 301


Thursday, November 2 to Sunday, November 5, 2023

T. 011 385 3897

DIFFUSISSIMA From October 22 to November 5, 2023


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