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Nests in Milan - Tadashi Kawamata signs the site-specific works

Courtesy BUILDING, Ph. Paolo Riolzi

Urban space and social fabric become the protagonists of the works of Tadashi Kawamata, author of a series of site-specific works that have invaded the city on the occasion of the exhibition Nests in Milan, on view at the BUILDING gallery, Milan, from March 31 to July 23. Starting from the gallery premises, the wooden structures, built by the Sculpture students of the Brera Academy, take possession of historical buildings and balconies nesting on the facades of Palazzo di Brera (in the Magnolia Courtyard), the Fondazione Cariplo Congress Center, and of the Grand Hotel et de Milan. The exhibition, which includes an in-depth part within the gallery, focuses on the reflection on reconstruction, the urban nest, and on the appropriation of ruins and unusual spaces.


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