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Gi Group Foundation inaugurates a new exhibition space inside Palazzo del Lavoro in Milan

The first exhibition, "Art & Libertà”, presents a survey of Italian Abstractionism through 12 works by 20th-century masters. Which is the purpose of such a complex operation? The cultural growth of employees and the community that comes into contact with the space


Can art and industry get along? Italian history shows that the union of industry and art can offer much to culture and history, Olivetti is the most fitting and historicized example. These collaborations between seemingly distant worlds have become an unstoppable trend over the years, driven by the need for companies to build a positive brand reputation and the increased awareness of the right to culture and beauty on the part of increasingly schooled citizens and workers.

Fondazione Gi Group, a well-known company in the field of HR, opened a new permanent exhibition space inside the Palazzo del Lavoro headquarters in Milan, right next to the Central Station. The space will be usable mainly by the Group's employees, but by reservation and with the possibility of attending guided tours it will also open its doors to all interested and passionate contemporary art lovers.

Opening the exhibition program is the show "Arte & Libertà", which, under the curatorship of critic and writer Giuseppe Frangi, investigates the production 12 artists belonging to Italian Abstractionism. The selection includes significant works by Emilio Vedova, Salvatore Scarpitta, Giuseppe Santomaso, Mimmo Rotella, Alberto Magnelli, Carla Accardi, Tancredi Parmeggiani, Piero Dorazio, Giuseppe Capogrossi, Afro Basaldella and Giulio Turcato. A selection that appears perfectly in line with "Contagi d'Arte" exhibition held in 2020 and organized by the Foundation for the staff and, only later, extended to families and clients.

Gi Group Foundation, exhibition space at Palazzo del Lavoro in Milan
Gi Group Foundation, exhibition space at Palazzo del Lavoro in Milan

The commitment made is part of the institution's stated mission: to support the culture of “Sustainable Work". The foundation also issued a statement clarifying its motivations for this initiative: "to promote the sharing of beauty as an opportunity for knowledge and a factor for both personal and collective improvement in every sphere of life, starting with work". According to Chiara Violini, president of the Gi Group Foundation, the incredible radiating power of art should be shared with the community so that its languages help broaden everyone's vision and can raise awareness with respect to fundamental issues such as well-being, personal improvement and the sustainability of the world of work.

The environment will host temporary installations as well as site-specific exhibitions and special projects, so all that remains to be done is to wait to see what themes will be addressed next and what collaborations the foundation will put in place.

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