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Contemporary art restarts in September

The fall season of major international fairs is about to get into the hearth. With the summer break coming to an end, September will see some of the major events dedicated to contemporary art in the global art market. Fundamental moments of aggregation and reflection for art lovers and workers, able to promote works and artists with increasingly engaged cultural activities and initiatives.

The second semester will be inaugurated by the opening of Viennacontemporary, an art fair capable of being a bridge between Eastern and Western Europe, encouraging the dialogue in the European art scene. Three days, Sept. 7-10, that will focus on a topical issue, the immigration. The program includes a series of talks, exhibits, workshops and tours with curators and collectors. The right to active citizenship and political participation into the country of residence will be treat by the exhibition Not Either Or, But And curated by Laura Amann. Project that will be accompanied by Zone1 curated by Francesca Gavin, an exhibit which will unite ten emerging artists focusing not only on their technique, but touching the nuances, the physicality and the sculptural elements of their works.

Followed by the Berlin Art Week, Sept. 13-17, the event can count on the participation of renowned institutions, museums, private collections, award-winning projects, and the collaboration of 50 Berlin galleries. The line-up includes workshops for residents, collectors and participants, guided tours of the locations, concerts, performances and talks with artists and curators. For the first time, the event will host the Digital Art Lab section, with a focus on AI, augmented reality and their effects on the art world.

Berlin Art Week, Haus am Lützowplatz, VR, Kunstpreis, Marien Bart, Theatrum Radix, 2023, © Marlene Bart
Berlin Art Week, Haus am Lützowplatz, VR, Kunstpreis, Marien Bart, Theatrum Radix, 2023, © Marlene Bart

Digital art and themes as social and political fragility and the relationship with the war over time will be central through a group of exhibitions realized with institutions such as the Brücke Museum, the Berlin Academy of Fine Arts and the New Berlin Art Society.

At the same time, Naturalis Historia, the fifth edition of the Lake Como Design Festival will take place on Sept. 16-24. This year's topic will be the observation of nature. The program includes the projects Between art and nature, where photography investigates the landscape, and The other animals, an exhibition that celebrates Plinio il Vecchio’s work and his approach to the natural world, defining the themes that the festival will stage with a series of lectures, exhibitions and site-specific installations. The novelty this time will be a series of special projects hosted by Villa Olmo, bringing together designers, artists, publishers and galleries in a unique exhibition overlooking Lake Como.


Vienna - Kursalon

7-10 September, 2023


City of Berlin

13-17 September, 2023

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16-24 September, 2023


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