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Cadogan Gallery presents "IX", the solo exhibition by Richard Zinon

The “IX” exhibition by Richard Zinon at the Cadogan Gallery in Milan presents a fascinating exploration of his artistic journey and the investigation into the concepts of completion and continuity. The main elements are the union of heavy and delicate brushstrokes, along with the interplay between solidity and lightness that characterizes the artist’s works, which focus on the present moment in the creative process. 


The exhibition, taking place from December 12, 2023, to February 18, 2024, features a series of large canvases where intense brushstrokes layer on warm-toned backgrounds, creating compositions with a profoundly dynamic nature. Zinon’s skillful use of oil on linen gives the works. A tangible character, evoking blurred landscapes, delicate fabrics, and enveloping skies. Richard Zinon combines mastery of traditional techniques with an innovative use of tools such as color and form. His abstract paintings, influenced by his Florentine training, employ a limited palette that favors subtle tones and abstract shapes capable of exploring light, shadow, and depth, delineating an inspiration which comes from Renaissance master and their use of chiaroscuro. These works are purely abstract, devoid of any complex figuration or symbolism, relying on brushstrokes to convey pure emotions, aiming to create a new entity completely free from external references.

Installation View, Photo by Pietra Studio
Installation View, Photo by Pietra Studio

The title “IX” include an additional layer of meaning, indicating completion, patience, harmony, and the ability to see things clearly. The exhibition represents fulfilment but not a definitive end. Instead, It is rather the completion of a cycle to prepare to begin the next. The narrative is entrusted to a specific element, the number 9, which, in the context of this selection, is subjected to the interpretation of its allegorical meanings, assuming a particular significance for the painter:


“The 9 is a powerful number in numerology. It represents completion, but not the definitive end” (Richard Zinon)

The artist celebrates the expressive power of individual moments on the canvas, reminiscent of lighting cuts on the fabric, echoing the gesturality of Lucio Fontana. The careful focus on the energy that pervades everything represents a fundamental element in Zinon’s painting, allowing art to flow freely. Notes and black strokes alternating with shadowy areas testify to this intrinsic energy, with gentle movements denoting a surprising expressive will. 


It isn’t surprising that the artist was chosen by the Cadogan Gallery, based in London and Milan and dedicated to curate and support a diverse range of emerging and mid-career artist. Art lovers and visitors will have the opportunity to visit the exhibition and experience Zinon’s artworks firsthand to delve into the messages behind the carefully studied compositions. “IX” by Richard Zinon promises to be a visual and sensory journey that ignites the mind and stimulates the soul. 


“IX” by Richard Zinon

Cadogan Gallery

5, Bramante Street, Milan, 20154

Dates: December 12, 2023, to February 18, 2024

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